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Ciudad de origen:  
GPS location:   Latitude: 42.96930 - Length: -1.41630
Street address: Calle San Pedro, 21 - 31695 Bizkarreta-Gerendiain (Navarra)

How to arrive

From Pamplona:
Zubiri (N-135)
It is the shortest road to arrive to the Valley of Erros. Take the N-135 along 32 kms. We will arrive to the junction that goes to Zilbeti. Following the N-135 we will arrive to the village Erro. We carry on along the road 135 leaving Lintzoain and Mezkiritz until arriving to Biskarreta-Gerendiain.
Close to : 
-10 minutes far away from Sorogain
-15 minutes far away from Orreaga/Roncesvalles
-30 minutes far away from the Forest Irati
-30 minutes far away from Donibane-Garazi /St. Jean de Pied de Port
-2 hours far away from Donostia/San Sebastian, Zarautz and Getaria.


It is located in the centre of “Camino de Santiago” (Santiago´s Path) in the village its pro gothic parish is worthy to see, of the beginning of the XIII century. It is over a hill, 790 meters high, Biskarret let to see excellent panoramic views. Besides it is located few minutes to the wonderful natural place of Sorogain, an extensive territory surrounded by oak, beech and mountains, crowned at the end through the mount Adi (1450 m), and the traditional area pasture of the valley of Erro. In the surroundings are located the Irati´s Forest and the monumental complex of the Collegiate of Orreaga/Roncesvalles, for many peregrines it is the beginning of the Path in Navarre.


Natural setting of Sorogain, Roncesvalles, weapon factory of Orbaizeta, Forest Irati, Saint Jean de Pied de Port, caves of Xara and Zugarramurdi, routes along the Pyrenees.


Hiking, horseback riding, fishing. Picking up mushrooms, walnuts, chestnuts.

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